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Special Use and Vehicle Permits

Wiard Park District Vehicle Access Permits 

A Vehicle Access Permit is required for catering or delivery vehicles needing to enter the park grounds. All vehicles must be guided on and off the premises by Wiard Park staff. To request a Vehicle Access Permit, please send email to: or call 541-884-8816 at least 72 hours in advance of vehicle entry time.

A pdf version of the Vehicle Access Permit is found below

Special Use Permit Policy


1. Special Use Permits are required of groups with expected attendance of more than 150 people. The largest Wiard Park facilities (Wiard Park and Crest Park) are limited to events not exceeding 450 attendees.

2. A Special Use Permit is also required for all events - regardless of attendance - when the user plans to use any park space for organized activities, installation of shade canopies, overnight parking, fundraisers, community events, live music, etc.

3. Dunk tanks, wading pools, inflatable play structures, water slides, climbing walls, and events involving non-service animals are prohibited in all district parks. Permits may also be denied at the discretion of the District Manager for other types of use not described above.

NOTE: Park users who do not obtain a Special Use Permit for any of the above listed conditions may be denied entry and/or required to cease their activities as directed by park staff or peace officers.


Special Use Fees shall be the same as Regular Use Fees ($40 for regular groups, $20 reduced fee for qualified non-profit groups.) Users will receive an emailed invoice for this.


Special Use Permits for groups exceeding 250 attending shall require the group to provide a 1 yard dumpster service for the day of the event. The user will receive a separate invoice from the District for this service.


Prior to approval of the Special Use Permit, the organization shall provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with minimum coverage amounts at $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate and an Endorsement naming Wiard Park, its elected officials, employees, agents and volunteers as additional insured.

Prior to approval of Special Use, the organization’s authorized representative shall sign a Recreational Immunity Acknowledgement and Indemnification Statement.